Electric Cars in New Zealand


Electric cars will start coming to New Zealand in growing numbers over 2018, once Tesla sets up in New Zealand. Tesla will be setting up a dealership, and a supercharger network to enable their range of cars to travel conveniently from one end of the country to the other.

New Zealand is an ideal candidate for electric cars, largely because the electric power grid is around 85% renewables. This means refueling the vehicles will not consume any fossil fuels at any stage of the process. Also and very conveniently almost all of vehicle charging is done overnight when there is plenty of capacity on the network, and an extensive electric vehicle fleet will not add any additional load to the network that requires some sort of expansion.

The early adopters for electric cars in New Zealand are generally the early starters and the greeny types who need to feel that they are contributing to the environment. However once Tesla start selling vehicles in New Zealand there will be a rush, because their vehicles are very desirable for their own sake.

The three models of Tesla that will be largely available in New Zealand will be the Model S, the Model X and the Model 3 which is the smallest and most affordable of the three vehicles. Each of these vehicles are ultramodern, with enormous acceleration from a standing start, super quiet and managed completely from a large screen in the centre of the driving console. Tesla is always improving the vehicles using over-the-air updates, and during 2018 it’s expected that all their fleet will be upgraded for self driving.

Once this happens then the Revolution will be truly unstoppable. Tesla is promising to introduce an Uber-like service but with their driverless cars. The vehicle owner can drive to work and then tell their car via a smartphone app to go off and be a taxi for the rest of the day. Tesla wall managed the entire taxi fleet in the service, and will deliver the car back at the end of the work day after a quick visit to an automated valet, and the owner will find their vehicle in perfectly good condition and having made them possibly $100.

The beauty for the owner is that autonomous driving will be far safer than normal driving and far less likely to be involved in any sort of accident, and the electric drivetrain is expected to last between 5 and 10 times the mileage that an internal combustion engine would last. The only real maintenance needed on an electric vehicle is to change the tires periodically and fill up the windscreen wiper.